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Turning trees into something special 

Eucalyptus timbers especially

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

We specialise in quality hardwood solid timber flooring. We take logs and mill them carefully to produce stress relieved timber, then dry and machine the timber into specialty products. This comprehensive process requires skill and specialised machinery.


The log specifications are:

Main timber species:

Machined timber:

Laminated timber:

Milled timber:

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

Welcome to John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions produces hardwood timber products from eucalyptus trees grown in Canterbury.  We specialise in solid timber flooring.

It is sometimes thought that eucalyptus trees are good for firewood only. People have observed that eucalyptus logs have a tendency to split. They do split because of the tension in the log. However, careful milling and drying can overcome this problem and this allows us to produce high quality and stable timber.  Research by Scion shows that eucalyptus nitens flooring has similar qualities to commercially available European Oak flooring, see

Some overseas hardwoods which are claimed to be sustainably produced are not what they are claimed to be. 

Using locally-grown hardwoods creates jobs and contributes to the Canterbury economy. 

Helping you to experience the pleasure of enhancing your living environment with wood.

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