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Eucalyptus timbers especially

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

We specialise in quality hardwood solid timber flooring. We take logs and mill them carefully to produce stress relieved timber, then dry and machine the timber into specialty products. This comprehensive process requires skill and specialised machinery.


The log specifications are:

Main timber species:

Machined timber:

Laminated timber:

Milled timber:

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions produces hardwood timber products from eucalyptus trees grown in Canterbury.

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions supplied the timber ceiling in the Wanaka Wedge house as seen on New Zealand Grand Designs in 2019. The house was built in rugged Central Otago and was designed to fit into the landscape by rising from the ground in a wedge shape. Owners Justine Cormack and Marc Taddei chose a design that is dramatic both externally and internally, one which provides interaction with the environment and provides comfort and grace from the interior. An important part of the interior of the house is the wooden ceiling which runs from the kitchen through the dining area to the lounge and entertainment area. The ceiling features slopes and curves to create drama as you move from one space to the other. The timber is Eucalyptus nitens and Eucalyptus fastigata, two species which have the same appearance, machined in tongue and groove but with a 5mm negative detail at the join rather than the usual V join. The ceiling then runs down the wall and covers some of the entertainment technology and the door to the main bedroom.

Please note that while Chris Moller said that the ceiling was expensive he was referring to the extra time needed to install our very competitively priced timber onto a ceiling which has multiple curves

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