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Re-cycling and energy from hardwood sawdust - Briquettes

With the recent rise in the price of diesel we have increased our focus on recycling and energy from hardwood sawdust. We have made changes to heating the vacuum kilns by installing an Austrian-made Froling chip burner. The process of moving to a chip burner has drawn attention to the value of ‘waste’ products such as sawdust. We have a Votecs briquette machine to convert the planer chips into very dense briquettes. The machine uses high pressure and associated high temperature to make the planer chips glue together without any additional inputs.

The briquettes are 75mm in diameter and vary in length between 80-120mm.

Briquettes have some advantages over wood when it comes to heating. In the opinion of the UK Wood Fuel Co-op, wood briquettes are much hotter, cleaner, longer burning, and more economical than traditional logs. We find that they burn easily, last well and leave little ash.