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Eucalyptus timbers especially

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

We specialise in quality hardwood solid timber flooring. We take logs and mill them carefully to produce stress relieved timber, then dry and machine the timber into specialty products. This comprehensive process requires skill and specialised machinery.


The log specifications are:

Main timber species:

Machined timber:

Laminated timber:

Milled timber:

...use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions produces hardwood timber products from eucalyptus trees grown in Canterbury.

Frequently asked questions about T&G flooring

We supply Eucalyptus nitens, fastigata and regnans timber. These are the readily-available ash eucalypts in Canterbury. Nitens and fastigata are used for flooring.

We carefully dry freshly-milled timber by slowly air drying and then finishing in a kiln. The dried timber is completely stable. Research by Scion shows that shows that eucalyptus nitens flooring has similar qualities to commercially available European Oak flooring, see: https://www.nzffa.org.nz/system/assets/6118/SWP-T097.pdf